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Syvra the Unleashed by Euphie9
Syvra the Unleashed
An art of my shaman up close! This is my first attempt at tinkering with paint on SAI.
WIP drawing! by Euphie9
WIP drawing!
Just something I figured I'd share. Another art for Syvra!
Onyx hooves clopped against the cobblestone roads of Stormwind. Stormwind was not a place of peace for the owner of these hooves. Where many saw peace, this person only ever felt bitterness and envy. Humans had such short lives. Very few of them ever outlived their family and none of them would outlive their world. A tail the color of deep ocean waters swished, dragging the bronze ringlets adorning it against the ground. The tail and hooves were owned by one of Azeroth's more exotic races; a Draenei, a female at that. Standing almost a full eight feet in height she easily dwarfed most races. Where many of her kin had taken to flaunting their unearthly beauty, this one had donned a mask and refused to remove it.

Syvra raised her eyes to the sky, the scowl tugging at her lips the only evidence of her displeasure. Her tail swayed once more as a hand moved to rest on her collarbone as pain seared her flesh once more. Lips contorted, revealing pointed canines as she bit back her pain. This lone Draenei was not a strange sight within the walls of Stormwind. She was a Champion; one of the many, of her people. Syvra the Ascended, that is what many called her. At her call was the power of the elements which she wielded respectably. Despite the Draenei being new to Shamanism, many of their kin had become adept with such powers with ease, their past of wielding the Arcane giving them an advantage with the magic. Syvra had grown into the powers of a Shaman quite well, the whispers of the Light now replaced by the murmuring of the world around her. Despite all her strength, all her prowess, she could not heal the wounds that had haunted her for her entire life. The scars that she had to carry with her throughout her life.

The pain swelled up once more and she forced herself to walk once more, her pace quickening. Fel magics caused her pain and among the humans there were still many fel users, more than she had hoped for. A Quel'dorei and a human walked by her, both ogling at a small bundle held by the petite Quel'dorei female. Syvra's stomach churned despite her tearing her eyes away. Children, families, and lovers. That was all she had seen today and it did nothing but wound an already bleeding heart. She rushed through the crowds of people attempting to sell their goods and out of the city. Tears rushed down her face as she rushed into the forest. Among the trees her tears of mourning were released. She came to slump against the stump of an older tree as she searching for something, a promise that had never been kept. She unburied the Draenythst Crystal  which hung from a chain around her neck. Death had stopped the original owner of the necklace from keeping their promise. She removed her mask, revealing a striking face that was now lined with tears. Brilliant blue orbs flared for a moment as the rock began to sing to her as only it could. The stone knew Syvra well, it knew what comfort it's song brought her and it sang, it sang of the man who had owned it. Syvra closed her eyes, allowing sleep to claim her at long last as the stone sang.
Song of the Stone
Another story for my lovely Shaman Syvra! :happybounce:  
I'm incredibly excited to get into Warlords at last, her story will take some turns for sure! I am a dummy! 
After a very, very long hiatus I am back to working on my writing/drawing! You will more than likely see many of my World of Warcraft characters getting some love in my stories. The curse of being an avid Roleplayer/Writer. As you can see  my latest addition is based off my human warlock named Denecia! ((Don't worry, I have many, many alts so it won't be just her)). I may post some stories that I collaborate with others to write as well, they will be given credit if I do.

Here's a list of my characters if you wish to whisper me at any point:
Syvra-Moon Guard (A)
Kirinae-Wymrest Accord (H)
Liavis-Zul'jin (H)


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Falling in love with a story is something I do quite often. The delicate structure of a story is something that makes me stare in awe. I love writing and I love reading good writing. Ever since I can remember I've been writing short stories and poems in my idle time. It got to a point where many of my classmates would challenge me to write a poem about a specific item on the spot to test me quite often. Sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't. My love spread over to art when I discovered that drawing people isn't what art is all about, I could draw other things. I started decorating my binders and notebooks with my drawings and caught the eye of my art teacher once and he taught me a few tricks to help me along the way. Now I design basic concepts for tattoos and still doodle in my free time.

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